The little extras of La Chassepline

Because these holidays you've taken are well deserved, as well as the rest induced.

Because it's a good opportunity to taste good local products, even from the Chassepline's garden. 

Because you might be too lazy to prepare yourself a sandwich, and no one would blame you for this.

Because our local craftsmen have talent, and their craft should be uncovered.

Because you deserve better than the restaurants of Beauval.

Because a little extra is always better than a little less!

LE basket full of fruits & veggies from the garden

From 10 to 30 euros depending on the weight of the basket.

We grow our vegetables and fruits in an exclusively organic fashion. From seed to seed, only love, work and water. 

We always provide you with at least three different types of veggies/fruits in your basket.


Feel free to reach out in order to know what is the seasonal basket! 

Photo petit dej.jpg

LE basket full of fruits & veggies from the garden

Classic petit-déjeuner : 

10 euros per guest : soft-boiled egg, bread and croissant, butter, honey, homemade jam, milk and fresh juice. 


Gallic breakfast : 

15 euros per guest : same base than "Classic" + charcuterie and local cheese + home-baked pastry. 

Feel free to ask us more info about all this!

*This service is addressed to guesthouses : :You deal with hot beverages yourselves as everything is prepared in the guesthouse for that : chocolate powder, coffee, Bialetti coffee maker, tea and teapot. (+sugar, salt, pepper etc...)

All the products we provide you with are organic, most of them are local, and some are of our own production. 

LE basket full of fruits & veggies from the garden

In your accomodation, you will come across some of our second-hand books. If you wish to go back with one or two of them, let us know or just slip a symbolic participation in the piggy bank at your disposal. 

LE basket full of fruits & veggies from the garden

A case of ten logs, with little wood, fire-starter and newspaper (not the one you'll read in front of the chimney afterwards...) : 10 euros. 

*This service only applies to La Maison du Passeur and Les Chambres d'hôtes de La Chassepline